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Velocity Carbon Fiber Bows

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Free Magic Rosin with each bow purchase!

Magic Rosin Treble ClefMagic Rosin Bass ClefMagic Rosin Alto Clef

Bow Hair.   Did you know?  Most players neglect their bows by playing them well past the average time that bow hair lasts, between 6-12 months.  For this reason we are offering each Velocity bow with one coupon for 50% off your first bow rehair.  The coupon expires 12 months from the purchase date of the bow.  

From our friends at Echo Bridge Music comes the Velocity line of carbon fiber bows.  Three levels of bow allow the widest range of players to access bow characteristics that match their playing level.

Why carbon fiber?  Carbon fiber is a highly customizable material that allows the bow manufacturer to dial in specific characteristics such as weight, balance, flexibility and durability.  Velocity bows are carefully designed to meet the criterion set by the playing level desired.

The Journey bows are perfect for the fairly new player that has advanced enough to benefit from a strong stick with good balance and great durability.  

The Voyager is the best option for the player with 2-4 years of experience, made of fully braided carbon fiber with a lively feel in the hand, excellent for mastering new bow techniques such as spiccato.

The Expedition represents the most refined carbon fiber design with excellent balance point, flexibility and strength for the most aggressive playing, while having the refinement to play pianissimo with plenty of color and control.  Advanced players will appreciate the Expedition and many professionals will find it an excellent 2nd bow.

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