PJB Session 77

$ 425.00 $ 399.00

The Session 77 is designed to be an entry level bass amplifier with a serious punch.  The amplifier has the signature Phil Jones sound:  highly accurate reproduction of your instrument's sound without fluffy effects or muddy low end.  Every new bass player should have an amp like the 77 and every professional bass player would welcome the excellent tone in his or her studio or small venue performance.

Reasons to own:  the signature PJB sound in an affordable package

Best for:  electric and acoustic bass, 4 string electric and acoustic cello, 6 and 7 string Viper electric violin

Choose if:  you need an inexpensive way to get a high quality sound

Skip if:  you need a lightweight amplifier or high stage volume

Specs: 100 RMS output, 7" woofers x2, 2" tweeters x2, 3-band EQ, Aux input, Line out, Headphone out

Size: 17 x 11″x 12.5

Weight:  28 lbs/12.7kg

Volts:  100 to 260V DC

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