PJB Flightcase BG-150 amplifier

$ 919.99

A smaller version of the Superflightcase, the Flightcase has every bit of the pristine tone of its larger cousin but in a smaller package with 150 watts of power.  The Flightcase is a perfect choice for 6 and 7 string electric violins and all cellos and basses.  Please don't miss one of the best features that the Flightcase and the SuperFlightcase share:  2 upward facing speakers to make it much easier to hear yourself when you are performing and practicing.  The Flightcase has ports on the bottom to enhance the bass response and volume as well as a 5 band EQ and D.I. out.  This is a very popular amplifier with Viper violin players and Cobra cello players.

Reasons to own:  upward facing speakers, plenty of beautiful tone, good volume, bomb proof build quality, amp cover included

Choose if:  you need decent on stage or classroom volume

Skip if:  You need seriously loud volume or more than one channel

Specs: 150W output, 1CH, 5 band EQ, limiter, 4 internal speakers, Active/passive input, headphone out, DI out, pre-amp out

Size:13.6 x 12.6 x 15.75

Weight:24 lbs / 11kg

Volts:100 to 240V AC (automatic switching)

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