Phil Jones Bass Suitcase Compact

$ 1,199.00

The Suitcase Compact takes the success of the original PJB Suitcase and puts it in an even smaller package.  Featuring the Piranha 5 inch speakers times 4, this is one of the very best bass amplifiers on the market.  Despite its small size it delivers 300 watts of room-filling power.  If you need even more volume (for the gig next to the loudest drummer on the planet) add the C4 powered cabinet and you have 575 watts of jaw-dropping BASS.  The sound you've been looking for in an illogically small package.

Reasons to own:  room filling, ultra high quality tone

Best for:  acoustic and electric bass


300 watts, 575 with extension cabinet

2 1/4 inputs, Headphone Out, D.I. Out, FX Send/Return, Tuner Out, Preamp Out, Ext. Speaker Out, AC-110/240 automatic switching

Dimensions:  14.2 inches x 12.4 inches x 13.4 inches (each cabinet)

40 lbs/18 kg (Suitcase Compact)



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