Krutz Strings 200 series violin outfit (includes case, bow and rosin)

$ 649.00

Playing level:  EXPLORER: YEARS 1-2

The Krutz 200 series is a nice step up beginner violin for the aspiring new player.  From our trade partners in Kansas City, Missouri, this instrument is offered through the large shop of Anton Krutz, luthier and businessman for many decades in that area.  Using his many years of experience Krutz Strings was formed to import violins as well as feature instruments made by Mr. Krutz and his apprentices.  We are very pleased with the wood quality of the Krutz 200 for its price range and it is a very popular choice at our shop.  It is made in a small Chinese workshop with highly skilled artisans.  This violin will have a little more power and complexity to the sound over the Core Academy 10.  The outfit includes a cordura covered plywood shell case with room for accessories and music, and as always we only include a good Brazilwood bow for the best learning, never Fiberglass.  The Krutz 200 is available in full size, 3/4 and 1/2 violins and comes outfitted with D'Addario Zyex perlon core strings.  

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