Core Academy 10 violin outfit (includes case, bow and rosin)

Core Academy 10 violin outfit (includes case, bow and rosin)

$ 399.00

Playing level:  EXPLORER:  YEARS 1 & 2

For the new beginner, we are pleased to offer the excellent Core Academy series from the Howard Core Company in Alabama. The Core Academy instruments are hand made and are designed for the brand new player exploring violin. Each instrument is hand selected and set up with quality strings, Brazilwood bow and sturdy case, rosin and polishing cloth.

Davidson Violins owner, Frank Albert, has this to say about the Core Academy instruments: " The Core Academy instruments have exceeded my expectations for a quality student violin. Compared to what I played on as a new student many years ago, these instruments are far better in both sound and price."

We have had several private studio teachers from other parts of the US visit our shop while they were in town. They were impressed at the quality for the price of the Core Academy instruments, especially as rentals. We believe this is in large part due to our staff including a luthier, professional string musicians and private teachers. We only choose the best sounding instruments, and we know the best sources to insure quality and best pricing, which we pass on to you.

The Core Academy 10 outfit comes with a sturdy cordura covered plywood case that has room for rosin, a shoulder rest and music in various pockets.  All Core Academy 10 violins are setup in our shop by our professionally trained staff.  And we never, under any circumstances include a heavy Fiberglass bow with any instruments we sell.  Students need the unique experience of a wood bow to learn what playing the violin is all about.  This outfit comes standard with a good quality, half-lined Brazilwood bow.

We upgrade the standard string set to the Austrian made Thomastik Alphayue string set (1/4 violin and larger) but you can also upgrade to the German made Pirastro Tonica for a more complex tone.


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