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Violin from Hart and Son, London 1899

Product image 1Violin from Hart and Son, London 1899 - davidsonviolins.com
Product image 2Violin from Hart and Son, London 1899 - davidsonviolins.com

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The Hart shop served the European market for over 100 years starting with George Hart, violin maker, and continuing with his son John.  John was not renowned for violin making but instead for his expert eye for fine instruments.  Hart and Son was the 2nd tier of violin shops in London after Hill and Son, but many fine Italian violins came through John's hands and his staff of makers were highly skilled with access to the finest violins in history to study and imitate.  John is also highly respected for his 1875 book The Violin:  Its Famous Makers and Imitators.  The violin we offer here was expertly made at the Hart and Son workshop, one of many made and sold.  The wood selection is excellent and the workmanship superb.  This instrument has some varnish damage from heat at some point in its 120 years but it is intact and accomplishing its job of enhancing the instrument's tone, removing the need for restoration work.  The violin has no cracks or visible repairs and is otherwise in excellent condition.  It has a powerful voice all the way up the fingerboard and beautiful balance across all strings.
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