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Violin Bows

All bows at Davidson Violins are hand selected from among many to insure that even the least expensive meet our standards.  All bows are warranted for 30 days for the hair installation and 12 months for the wood and fittings from manufacturer defects.  
Bows over $150 are eligible to be traded back for a higher quality bow in the future.  Please ask our staff for more information.
Did you know?  Bow hair is carefully combed, heated and measured to fit each bow.  In addition, each end of the hair is tied and held in place by custom made blocks.  These blocks wear out with use.  The bow hair also becomes very smooth and requires excessive rosin, much like a tire losing its tread.  Bows should be re-haired or replaced every 6 to 12 months to ensure fresh hair for the best playing experience. If large amounts of hair fall out (occasional breakage of a few hairs is normal) or the bow can no longer be tightened adequately, this is not a sign that the bow is defective.  It simply needs to be re-haired.
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