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 This rental program is offered in the Southeast and New England regions of USA only

We are pleased to offer the ability to reserve a rental on our web site.  Please note the following:

We recommend having your instructor's supply sheet handy.  If you are unsure about sizing, please refer to the sizing information below.  You can also call us to learn more or visit us in person.  

Our rentals include rental equity, but this is not a rent-to-own program.  We offer fair market pricing for our rental outfits should you decide to purchase them.  Unlike some of our competitors we don't reinforce the incorrect assumption that string instruments lose value over time.  In our opinion your instrument, if ever purchased, should cost the same as if you bought it to start with, and it should not come with built in depreciation.  Our sturdy, hand made instruments come from suppliers that service violin shops exclusively.  They will last many years and as the wood seasons, will sound better over time.  They aren't electronic or made of rustable materials.  They are good, solid beginner instruments completely setup and sound adjusted by our luthiers in-house.  



Please use this short tutorial to determine the correct size of your child’s violin, viola, cello, or bass.

Step 1: You will need a yardstick or tape measure.

Step 2: Have your child stand up straight and place his/her left hand straight out to the side with the palm up.

Step 3: Place the yardstick or tape measure at the base of the neck and measure out to the center of the palm.

Step 4: Use the conversion chart below to determine instrument size.

Violin Conversions:

< 14 1/8″ 14 1/4" to 16 3/4" 16 7/8" to 18 3/4" 18 1/2" to 20 1/4" 20 3/8" to 22 1/8" 22 1/4" to 23 5/8" 23 3/4" >
1/16 1/10 1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4 4/4

Viola Conversions:

18 1/2″ to 20 1/4″ 20 3/8″ to 22 1/4″ 22 3/8" to 23 5/8" 23 3/4″ to 24 3/4″ 24 7/8″ to 25 1/2″ 25 5/8″ to 26 3/8″ 26 1/2″ to 27 1/4″ 27 1/4" >
11" 12" 13" 14" 15" 15 1/2" 16" 16 1/2"

Cello Conversions:

<14 1/8" 14 1/4" to 16 3/4" 16 7/8″ to 18 3/8″ 18 1/2″ to 20 1/4″ 20 3/8″ to 22 1/8″ 22 1/4″ to 23 5/8″ 23 3/4″ >
1/16 1/10 1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4 4/4

Bass Conversions:

18″ to 20 1/4″ 20 3/8″ to 22 1/8″ 22 1/4″ to 23 5/8″ 23 3/4″ >
1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4


Rental cost (North and South Carolina)

Violin and viola outfits are $28 per month, with $7 additional for damage protection

Cello outfits are $49 per month, with $10 additional for damage protection

Basses are $60 per month with $15 additional for damage protection

Rental Cost (New England region)

Violin and viola outfits are $28 per month, damage protection included

Cello outfits are $49 per month, damage protection included

(Bass rentals not available in New England)

Rental Equity included with all rental program outfits.

Violins are available in 1/16 - 4/4 size; violas are available in 12" - 16"; cellos are available in 1/8 - 4/4; basses are available in 1/4 - 3/4. Double bass rentals are limited, please call for availability at 866.291.0321


By submitting this rental reservation I am indicating that I agree to these monthly charges and understand the rental equity system.  

For more information please call 866-291-0321      

Davidson Violins Lease Agreement 

Party leasing instrument referred to as “lessee”.  Davidson Violins referred to as “lessor” and “DV” in this agreement.

Lease period:  Instrument is rented on a month-to-month basis at the base rate per month.  Rental fees are due on the 1st of each month.  Rental fees are not prorated.  The first payment must be a full month’s rent unless there are 7 or fewer days remaining in the month.  Then the full month’s payment will apply to the following month.  Payment is due on the 1st of each month.  All fees are charged directly to lessee’s credit or debit card. 
Credit and Debit card billing:   Lessee is responsible to insure that adequate funds are available.  Charges to debit or credit cards occur on the 1st of each month.  Lessee is responsible to update credit card information as necessary. Insufficient funds will cost an additional $10 per incident + $5 re-processing fee. 

Equity (New Hampshire equity differs, please inquire):  50% of rental fees (violin and viola, 60% for cello 75% for bass) paid by lessee accumulates towards the Equity for Purchase Program through Davidson Violins.   Damage protection and taxes where applicable do not count in equity accumulation.  Equity accumulation continues when a student changes type or size of instrument and is in a current agreement with the lessor.  Equity is forfeited under the following conditions:  1. Instrument is returned (which terminates this agreement) and equity is not used within 30 days of agreement termination.  2.  Rental fees that remain unpaid for 3 or more months will forfeit the equity for the number of months past due.  3.  Rental fees that remain unpaid for more than 6 months will result in all equity accumulated from the beginning of the contract will be forfeited.  Equity accumulates up to the cost of the most currently rented instrument listed on agreement.
It is the responsibility of the lessee to keep track of the amount of equity that has accumulated.  Davidson Violins is not responsible for notifying the lessee if equity has reached the value of the most current instrument rented.  Equity can be applied towards the purchase of currently rented instrument or a step-up instrument in either size or quality in the Davidson Violins shop as long as no forfeiture of this benefit has occurred due the conditions in the paragraph above.  
Termination of Agreement:  This agreement ends when instrument is returned to Davidson Violins or DV approved outlet (if an outlet is used it is the responsibility of the lessee to notify DV of its date of arrival at the outlet).  Instruments must be returned before the 1st of the month to avoid charges for an additional month.  In the case that all funding sources lack sufficient funds for monthly charges, late fees will be added for every month of payment delinquency.  In addition, the following conditions apply:
Rental instruments will not be accepted for return after 6 months of unpaid rental fees and are considered sold but not paid until the account is paid in full.  The full purchase price of the instrument will be added to the account with no equity deductions and the entire account will be turned over to collections for the full amount of the instrument outfit plus the past due rental fees.  Late fees apply to all months unpaid.  The account remains active and accumulates rental fees and late fees monthly until entire amount is paid.  No partial payments will be accepted once the account is 6 months delinquent.  Only payment in full will remove the accumulation of monthly rental costs.  Even if past due late fees, the cost of the instrument and unpaid rental payments are more than the actual purchase cost of the rental instrument all fees must still be paid to satisfy this agreement. 

Instrument Care and Maintenance:       
Wearable items (strings + bows) are the expense of the lessee. However, DV provides special pricing on these items for current rental customers. Bows can be replaced at 50% of retail cost and strings can be replaced at 85% of retail cost. DV will provide routine repair and maintenance on instruments as needed.  Routine maintenance includes but is not limited to repairs of bridge, sound post, tailpiece, pegs or structural elements, none of which have occurred due to obvious abuse or neglect.   When an instrument needs routine repairs, DV will provide a suitable replacement if available.  Damage protection covers all parts of the instrument except strings and bow hair.  All parts of the bow are covered by damage insurance except bow hair. In the event that damage to the instrument occurs, all broken parts in their entirety must be returned with the instrument for repair (except strings or bow hair).  Replaceable parts include:  bridge, fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, end button, chin rest, sound post, tail-gut.  Failure to return any of these parts will result in charges for missing parts but not labor to repair it.  Failure to return permanent portions of the body of the instrument that render the instrument unusable will result in the full purchase price of the instrument to be paid to DV.

Students should always: 
Keep instrument and bow in closed case when not in use
Loosen bow hair as demonstrated by instructor when bow is not in use
Touch bow hair as little as possible
Keep instrument indoors and never in a vehicle in very cold or warm/hot weather*
Receive assistance from teacher for any repair or string replacement
Inspect bridge periodically for warping and notify DV as soon as possible if present
Damage Protection:  Lessee can enroll in optional damage protection for $7 per month for violin and viola, $10 per month for cello and $15 per month for bass.  When enrolled, the student’s instrument, bow and case is covered completely in the event of misuse, neglect or abuse (does not cover strings, bow hair, loss or theft).  No charges for repairs will be required. Damage Protection does not apply to strings or bow hair.  *instruments obviously damaged from failure to protect from extreme temperatures are not covered by damage protection.  All parts, even if broken, must be returned with the rental instrument for repair.  Missing sections of the instrument will forfeit all damage protection coverage.

By submitting this rental reservation I am indicating that I agree to these monthly charges and understand the rental equity system.  

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