Create your own custom Viper!

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Create your own Viper at Davidson Violins where the staff play Vipers professionally.  You can choose between 4, 5, 6 and 7 strings, fretless, fretted or "phantom frets" (a visual representation on a smooth fingerboard), Wood Violins' house pickup, a Barbera pickup, 3 types of hardware and hundreds of finishes!  Put your dream Viper in the shopping cart and send it to us - we will do the rest! 


A note about custom finishes:  The standard finish includes any solid color, solid sparkle finish, natural finishes and transparent colors that show the poplar wood underneath.  The deluxe finish is everything else:  maple veneers in quilt, bird's eye or tiger stripe;  crazy exotics like midnight chromes and "Vegas Goldigger".  Don't worry about not seeing all of the hundreds of finish options here - we will contact you immediately to find out your preference and adjust your costs in case your preference is not the one you purchased.  Please allow up to 10 months to completion of your custom Viper.  Its worth that wait!


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