6 string fretted Viper, Kosmic Kamen, Barbera pickup

$ 3,606.00

A beautiful addition to our inventory (pictures coming soon or email us at info@davidsonviolins.com)

The 6 string fretted is one of the most versatile and popular Vipers - don't be put off by the frets.  Frets on Vipers are very flat, allowing for vibrato and glissandos despite the fact that you put your finger on the fret rather than in between.  This fiddle will allow you to play power chords like a guitarist or soar like a violinist, something guitar players only wish they could do!  The Barbera pickup is the only one offered on 6 string Vipers and provides a strong signal so no pre-amp is usually needed.  Matches up perfectly with any Phil Jones Bass amplifier such as the Double Four or the Cub 100

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