Phil Jones Bass Briefcase Ultimate

$ 999.00

Time for busking.  Install an internal battery and head out - the pure sound of Phil Jones' Briefcase Ultimate can go along with you.  This amazing little amp has 150 watts of power and a real punch even when battery powered (runs on standard AC also).  Plug in your backing tracks and you are ready to put out the hat.  Or simply use it at home or in your studio.

Reasons to own:  battery backup option, easy transport, signature PJB sound

Best for:  acoustic and electric bass, all electric bowed instruments

Choose if:  you need portable, high quality sound

Skip if:  you don't need portability or you need high volume


150 watts

5-band graphic EQ

Line out, speaker out, DI out

Preamp. output jack, Headphone Out, COMPRESSOR & LIMITER with ON/OFFSwitch, Battery (connected)

Dimension (W x D x H) 6.7×17.3×15.5 inch / 170×440×394 mm

Weight 31 lbs / 14.1 kg

Internal battery sold separately (not required for AC operation with power cord):  standard 12 volt rechargeable batteries available here

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