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AAD Super Cub AG-300 amplifier - 4 and 5 string violin/viola

Product image 1AAD Super Cub AG-300 amplifier - 4 and 5 string violin/viola
Product image 2AAD Super Cub AG-300 amplifier - 4 and 5 string violin/viola
Product image 3AAD Super Cub AG-300 amplifier - 4 and 5 string violin/viola

Regular price $ 1,359.99 Sale price $ 1,489.99

This is the last amplifier you will need for your acoustic or electric 4 or 5 string violin or viola.  With 2 channels and plenty of power you could easily balance and project your sound at a club or outdoor wedding reception with another musician plugged in too.  4 forward facing speakers and 2 upward facing speakers mean you can hear yourself without too much sound going to your audience.  If you play solid body electrics you will be amazed at the sound including the onboard effects like reverb and delay.  Remember that an acoustic guitar amp is designed for the complex sound waves produced by acoustic instruments and will provide a warm and neutral tone that you can add any amount of separate effects to your equipment without sacrificing the pristine quality.


Reasons to own:  fits on a nifty stand (sold separately on our site), comes with free gig bag, sounds great with nearly any acoustic electric or piezo installed instrument, automatically switches voltage for international electric systems, has 2 separate channels

 Best for:  4 and 5 string violins and violas whether solid body, acoustic/electric or temporary pickups, inexpensive electric cellos, acoustic guitars

 Choose if:  you need plenty of volume playing classical or folk music gigs, or want to step up from the Wood amp with your Stingray or need to have a separate channel for a vocalist or other instrument.


Skip if:  you are on a budget or don't need volume and 2 channels



3-Band EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass) ...x2

Input-A(1/4”Phone/XLR ), Input-B(1/4”Phone), Aux-In

Line-Out, Headphone-Out,XLR D.I. Out w/Grnd Lift

Master Volumex1、Input Gain Volume x 2, Mute, AUX Level

100/240V AC

12 x 11.6 x 8.2 inch / 306(W) x 197(H) x 275(D) mm

15 lbs / 6.8 Kg

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