AAD AG-100 Cub amplifier

$ 599.00

The speakers in this little beauty are tuned for a more acoustic sound which makes it awesome for acoustic electric violin, violas and cellos and other electrics with piezos built into or under a standard wood bridge.*  Single channel and 100 watts through two 5 inch drivers.  We demoed this for Mark Wood- he was impressed (Mark doesn’t tour with an amp, so we can’t say “used by Mark Wood” but you get the point)


Reasons to own:  fits on a nifty stand ($10 off if in package above), comes with free gig bag, sounds great with nearly any acoustic electric or piezo installed instrument, automatically switches voltage for international electric systems

 Best for:  4 and 5 string violins and violas whether solid body, acoustic/electric or temporary pickups, inexpensive electric cellos, acoustic guitars

 Choose if:  you need to boost your volume playing classical or folk music gigs, or want to step up from the Wood amp with your Stingray


Skip if:  you need very loud on stage volume or more than one channel

(For 2 channels order the Cub Acoustic II [previously the 150] - $695)


Specs:  100W output, 1 Channel, 3 band EQ, D.I. out, pre-amp out, tuner out

Size:  6.5 x 12.5 x 11.8 inch (about the size of 2 shoe boxes)

Weight:  11.5lbs/5.2kg

Volts:  100 to 240V AC (automatic switching)


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