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Aptly named, violins in this range are sometimes chosen by students preparing to head to college or conservatory and plan to play as adults or even major in music.  Most violins in this range are exceptional workshop instruments from years gone by;  the very best of the apprentices' work and some individual makers from 50-75 years ago or more.  High quality wood, aged and played frequently and made under the watchful eye of the master luthier (violin maker), these will typically be of European origin and as old as 200 years+.  Far from being fragile antiques (they are fragile!) these violins are workhorses for the active violinist and have often had certain parts replaced or updated.  These violins prove that a well made violin will last for a long time; modern violins made with this same care can have a similar longevity if well cared for.  These violins hold their value and even appreciate in value in some circumstances.
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