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Player Success

We've seen over and over that student success is closely tied to the quality of their instruction and the quality of their cello.  Each stage of their learning will require new skills and better cellos to master those techniques.  A cello concerto is a much different type of music compared to a simple song such as Twinkle Little Star.  We are dismayed at the number of students suffering with cheap, $250 plywood cellos that have a poor sound and are difficult to play.  That difficulty causes many students to develop techniques for coping with how hard these cellos are to play, instead of developing correct techniques they will need as they progress.  Your string specialist takes the time to insure that critical details such as the sound post position, the bridge shape and thickness, the fingerboard's shape and contour and pegs are all aligned and "setup" correctly.  We expect the cello to play its best so the student can achieve his/her full potential.
Cellos can be rented or purchased, although rentals are typically beginner instruments.  Some cellos are small enough for very young players, even as young as 4.  As the student grows in both stature and skill there will be new cellos each step of the way.  Many specialists offer generous trade in policies, so always ask what options for trade ins are offered.  We've developed a system to help you identify the right instrument for your student's playing level below:

EXPLORER CELLO OUTFITS:  $999-$1799 years 1 & 2

PROTEGE CELLOS:  $2000-$3500 years 3 to 5

SOLOIST CELLOS:  $4000-$6000 advanced student

CONSERVATORY CELLOS:  $6000-$10,000 college bound

MAKER'S CELLOS:  $10,000 and up Professional

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